2018 – 11 Mai – Sesiunea de comunicări științifice studențești FIM

Felicitări studenților Anamaria Dumitrescu și Cristian Tănase!
In 2017, cei doi au câștigat locul al III la “Invent for innovation” program at Innovation Think Tank Labs, Siemens Healthineers

Iulie 2018 – studenții Anamaria Dumitrescu și Cristian Tănase – finaliști la competiția Innovation Research Lab Exhibition (IRLE) 2018 at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany. Ne mândrim cu voi!

Anamaria Dumitrescu and Cristian-Alexandru Tănase

FAU/Christina Dworak)

“This year, Anamaria Dumitrescu and Cristian-Alexandru Tănase from Bucharest Polytechnic University came third with a low-cost, light hand prosthetic which can even be used to operate touch screens.”
“The innovative concepts from other international student teams also impressed the jury: The team from Bucharest Polytechnic University took on the challenge of producing an inexpensive myoelectric hand prosthetic. Myoelectric prosthetics are controlled by contraction of residual limb muscles, which makes them highly functional. However, they also tend to be very heavy and expensive. In contrast, the prosthetic designed by the Bucharest student team weighs only 500 grams, costs a mere €250 and can even operate a touch-screen.”

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